The 11th shanghai Heat conduction heat dissipation materials Expo 2023


The 11th shanghai Heat conduction heat dissipation materials Expo 2023

  • 분류

    Machinery/Raw Materials

  • 지역

    China - Shanghai

  • 날짜

    2023-12-13 ~ 2023-12-15

  • 항목

    Thermal conductive fillers, electronic packaging materials, thermal conductive radiating materials, thermal conductive radiating assemblies, analysis and testing, processing equipment

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  • 장소

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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CIME2023 International Heat Transfer Materials and Equipment Exhibition is the most important professional exhibition in heat management industry, not only in the whole country, but also in Asia and even in the world.

Since 2022, 5G technology has become more and more popular, and consumer electronic products have been developing rapidly in the direction of high power, high integration, thinning and intelligence.Due to the increasing of integration, power density and assembly density, the performance of electronic devices in 5G era is improved, but the working power consumption and heat generation are increasing rapidly.According to statistics, the failure of electronic components due to thermal concentration accounts for 65%~80% of the total failure rate.Heat dissipation management has become a "hard demand" for electronic devices in the 5G era because of the continuous development of technologies such as silicon grease, heat conductive gel, graphite heat conductive sheet, heat pipe and heat equalizer (VC).

At present, the heat dissipation technology used in electronic devices mainly includes graphite heat dissipation, metal back plate, frame heat dissipation, heat conduction gel heat dissipation materials, heat pipe, VC and so on.Among them, heat conductive gel, heat conductive silicone grease, graphite sheet and metal sheet are mainly used in small and medium-sized electronic products, heat pipe and VC are mainly used in notebook, computer, server, etc.

Thermal conductivity and thickness are the core indexes for evaluating heat dissipation materials.The traditional heat dissipation materials of mobile phone are mainly graphite sheet and thermal conductive gel, but graphite sheet has relatively low thermal conductivity and relatively large thickness.With the help of mobile phone manufacturers, graphene materials have made breakthroughs in consumer electronic heat dissipation applications, and heat pipes and VCs have become thinner and have penetrated into smartphones from computers and servers.

As a world-renowned exhibition of heat management industry, the 2023 exhibition will showcase high-end heat conduction materials, heat interface materials, heat dissipation components and related processing equipment.Shanghai Exhibition will set up a new data center liquid-cooled heat dissipation technology exhibition area, new energy automobile battery module and PACK material exhibition area.

Thermal conductive fillers: inorganic nonmetals: alumina, silicon oxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride, silicon carbide, magnesium oxide, beryllium oxide, graphite and carbon black etc.

Electronic packaging materials: aluminium, copper (beryllium copper), tungsten/copper, molybdenum/copper, silicon/aluminium, beryllium/aluminium, foamed metal/porous metal, etc.; rubber; ceramic materials: alumina, zirconia, carbide; borides; nitride; glass etc.

heat conducting material
Thermal interface materials: thermal conductive silicone sheet, film/tape, thermal conductive silicone resin, thermal conductive gel, thermal conductive gel, thermal conductive pad/carbon fiber thermal conductive pad, polymer-based composite thermal conductive material, liquid metal, thermal conductive seal etc.
Ceramic substrates: alumina (Al2O3), aluminum nitride (AlN), silicon nitride (Si3N4) and beryllium oxide (BeO);Silicon carbide (SiC), boron nitride (BN), etc.
Heat sink materials: metals/alloys (semi-solid die-casting); diamond/copper, diamond/aluminum composites, graphite/copper, graphite/aluminum composites, metal matrix composites
Heat conductive polymers: heat conductive plastics (PPS, PA6/PA66, PC, PP, PPA, LDPE, PEEK), heat conductive insulating plastics, heat conductive rubber, etc.
Carbon materials: graphite film (PI film), carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber staple fibres, graphene thermal conductive film, diamond materials, etc.
phase-change materials (heat storage): paraffin, fatty alcohol, fatty acid, alkane-based alloys; molten salts, salt hydrates, eutectic mixtures, etc.
Insulation materials: aerogel materials (carbon base, silicon dioxide, zirconia, alumina, etc.), carbon felt, composite silicate materials, etc.

Thermal conductive heat dissipation components:
Heat pipes/heating plates, copper cladding, power devices (silicon carbide, gallium nitride, gallium oxide, MOSFET, IGBT) and modules, etc.
Heat dissipation fan accessories: copper, aluminum products, aluminum equipment, heat dissipation profiles, iron fins, sheet metal, metal stamping parts, machine casesHeat sink, finned tube, heat conducting tube, heat conducting plate, heat dissipation module, touch panel, fan net cover, fan, motor , fan automatic assembly machine , radiator welding etc.
Heat dissipation equipment: liquid metal radiator, profile radiator, radiator fan, radiator module, heat conduit, plug radiator, integrated radiator, water-cooled radiator, resistance radiator.

Analysis and detection:
Analytical instrument, laser thermal conductivity meter, thermal analysis meter, thermal coefficient meter, thermal expansion meter, electronic thermal tester, air volume wind pressure meter, laser thermal conductivity meter, material strength tester and thermal property measuring equipment.

Processing equipment:
Rolling machine, coating machine, strip machine, die cutting machine, rewinding machine, slicing machine; shearing machine; cutting machine, precision cutter, automatic strip cutting machines, heat conductive material productionproduction equipment, CNC coil cutting equipment, CNC machine tool equipment, automatic production line and heat transfer laboratory, complete process and custom equipment, etc.
Thermal design:
Thermal Simulation / Thermal Design Software