2023 Shanghai Intermation Bus Exhibition


2023 Shanghai Intermation Bus Exhibition

  • 분류

    Machinery/Raw Materials

  • 지역

    China - Shanghai

  • 날짜

    2023-12-13 ~ 2023-12-15

  • 항목

    whole vehicle, new energy technology, intelligent public transportation system, charging facilities, urban transportation facilities

  • 주최

  • 장소

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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Shanghai International Bus Exhibition is a leading international bus exhibition in China. As a professional bus exhibition, we adhere to the advanced concept of science and technology, innovation and service.

Since it was first held in 2012, the exhibition has been held 11 times successfully. The exhibition area has been expanding, the quality of the exhibits has been improved and the number of professional visitors has doubled.

The 11th International Bus Exhibition in 2022 ended successfully in Nanjing International Expo Center on December 27.Under the theme of innovation-driven "Smart" construction, the fair attracted more than 200 pioneering enterprises, bringing high-tech products and technologies in bus field to more than 25,000 square meters.The three-day exhibition attracted 22.598 professional visitors from 10 countries and regions.

Complete vehicle:
Bus, new energy bus (pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell), intelligent driving bus, unmanned car, tourist bus, highway passenger bus, airport ferry bus, medical turn bus , school bus , RV , small electric bus , electric cleaning car etc.

Spare parts:
Power batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium battery equipment, new energy power assemblies and materials, control and drive systems, battery management systems, controllers, inverters, power supply modules,

New Energy Technologies:
Hydrogen Production Equipment Technology and Hydrogengas supply, hydrogen storage and transportation and related equipment, hydrogenation stations and related equipment, fuel cell systems and performance applications, fuel cell critical components and supply technologies, hydrogenation plant, hydrogen liquefaction plant,

Intelligent Public Transport System:
Intelligent bus testing system, intelligent transportation facilities management platform, integrated BRT system, intelligent bus operation management system, urban bus supervision and management system.

Charging facilities:
Intelligent network project planning and results display, gas station expansion charging station, comprehensive service station display, electric bus charging pile (station), charging gun, charger, charging station equipment, rechargeable battery and battery management system.harnesses, connectors, charging facilities in parking lots, power supply solutions in charging stations, etc.

Urban transport facilities:
Bus platform, BRT platform equipment, guard box, reporting station system, ceiling, signboards, etc.

Bus maintenance equipment and maintenance equipment:
Maintenance equipment, monitoring equipment, car washing equipment, washing machine, wastewater regeneration equipment, oil, lubricating oil, etc.