8th(2023) International Energy storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition


8th(2023) International Energy storage Technology, Equipment and Appli…

  • 분류

    Machinery/Raw Materials

  • 지역

    China - Shanghai

  • 날짜

    2023-11-01 ~ 2023-11-03

  • 항목

    Follow Me Int'l Exhibition (USA), Inc.

  • 주최

    Follow Me Int'l Exhibition (USA), Inc.

  • 장소

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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Facing the energy security, pollution and climate change, many countries have turned to new energy, and launched a series of energy structure adjustment plans, to achieve clean power supply through new energy. In recent years, the situation of the development of new energy in China is promising. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan focuses on pushing forward electric power system reform, in which the establishment of global energy interconnection will be the highlight. Building a global energy Internet has become a major trend in the construction and development of power grid.


Relaying on the huge scale of “SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition” , its international influence and mature customers in solar energy industry, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA) launches  “SNEC 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition”, which will be held in Shanghai on Nov 1-3 2022, at Shanghai New Int'l EXPO Center.


Mobile energy could supply all-weather power while remaining mobile with high efficiency. It covers six major industries: new energy, new energy vehicle, new material, high end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and information technology. With the development of energy Internet and mobile energy, mobile energy will change the way of world energy production and consumption, and trigger a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. Power supply reform highlights mobile energy development, because mobile energy opens new avenues in the clean energy field, and will be a new economic growth points.

Energy storage is an important component and crucial technique in renewable energy system. It is the basis of realizing the wide application of distributed energy and micro grid, realizing energy interconnection and sharing, and realizing network integration.


The conference will bring together Policymaker, senior experts, market leaders, international financial institutions and advisory bodies as well as authoritative media in mobile energy industry, to exchange views on hot topics regarding mobile energy policy, market, technology application, business model and project development, etc.


We are looking forward to meeting you at the SNEC 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition