ComVac ASIA 2023


ComVac ASIA 2023

  • 분류

    Machinery/Raw Materials

  • 지역

    China - Shanghai

  • 날짜

    2023-10-24 ~ 2023-10-27

  • 항목

    Compressed Air,Vacuum Technology

  • 주최

    yiren development advertising (shanghai) co., ltd.

  • 장소

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

  • 주소



ComVac ASIA 2023-Intelligent Manufacturing: With the progress of national Industry 4.0 strategy and the integration of “Industrialization and Informatization” development, intellectualization and personalization will be an inevitable trend for the R&D and manufacturing of compressors. Highlighting the intellectualization positioning and accelerating the technological innovation development, enterprises will gather together to exchange thoughts on specific intelligent manufacturing solutions in line with their industrial characteristics, corporate strategic goals and their respective development.

Energy-saving and e!ciency: Nowadays, compressor manufacturers are giving extra attention to highly e!cient and energy saving products as well as eliminating backward production capacity. It is more important to use energy e"ects by making the best of modern control technology. ComVac ASIA 2023 will continuously discuss highly e!cient energy-saving solutions for compressors from multiple aspects and dimensions, covering the optimization of the complete machine, air system assessment and system energy-saving, and pushing the compressors to stride towards the era of “Smart Manufacturing”.